Pets suffer separation anxiety while their owners are away.  By having them remain in their own familiar surroundings, limits their stress.  I'll put myself in your pet's environment and with playtime, cuddle time, exercise and keeping with their normal routine, you'll be able to return home to a content & happy pet!



  • Walks and playtime
  • Feeding & watering daily
  • Medications (remember I'm vet experienced)
  • Cat litter boxes scooped

                    "Cats, as independent as they may seem, still need food, water,

            litter cleaned and their safety and well being assured.  One visit

            per day suggested".


  • In addition to caring for your pet, I will also care for your home...bringing in your mail, alternating lights and opening/closing blinds.  Setting out your trash and watering your plants.


Mid-Day Dog Walks

  • Includes 30 minute brisk walk, 10 minute cool down and water time, love, love.
  • Schedule from 1 to 2 times a week.
  • Special priced packages for three or more times a week. (Brings the cost down).
  • Pre-pay for the month for even extra savings.


Pet Taxi

  • If your pet has a scheduled appointment at your veterinarian or

        groomer, or if you have pet errands (even while you are at work) I'll be happy to

        accomadate them (extra charges would apply).


Treat your dog to

"Dog Beach" for their birthday!


The birthday child is away from home for 2 hours, I only take your pet(s) "no groups".

(includes a fresh water rinse, birthday biscuts & a photo from our day).

Quality, Loving care for your pet and home...while you are away
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